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Hostess Alicia D. Alexander at Five Foxes Farm
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Amazing Grace Gallery - August 2007 Wedding

Amazing Grace Gallery - May 2007

Five Foxes Farm in the Winter

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Wedding Gallery

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Bed & Breakfast Gallery

(August 2007)


The lovely Lilac and Roses Room.


(February 2007)

One of the two beds in the Daffodil Room, perfect for children or parent/child arrangements.


Make yourself at home in our gracious living room...


...enjoy your morning coffee on the chaise lounge



Attention to detail is a hallmark at Amazing Grace Bed & Breakfast


Artist's Suite with private bath and private kitchen

can be made available upon request.



Cabin available upon request (facilities in the Main House)
The House Front yard, view from the Lilac & Roses Room
Beatina and the pony Alicia's Grandmother
Horses in the pasture
Amazing Grace Gallery - August 2007 Wedding


Amazing Grace Gallery - May 2007






Five Foxes Farm in the Winter




Events Gallery






Wedding Gallery

Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast is also available for a spectacular and unique wedding and/or reception venue. Our 10 acre location features Monet-inspired ponds and landscape, with a backdrop grazing horses and colorful chickens!

We have availability to host up to 300 to as many as 1000 guests.  


Cakes available upon request




We can provide assistance coordinating your special day

        Music and Dance are a familiar sight at Amazing Grace Bed & Breakfast.

Let us know if you need assistance finding a Band for your event.


Cabin Gallery

Sleep next door to our chickens and horses in our back country "doll house" cabin. The cabin can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child comfortably. Your pets are welcome! Please call for details.




Teepee in the grounds of Amazing Grace B&B near Ithaca; on farmland at Amazing Grace


Other Venues Featuring Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast:

Two Ithaca College Student Films

Amazing Grace Furniture was used in an off-Broadway play in New York City

From "The Recorder"


Happy person, happy house

  There was a time when my kids, in the back seat, would have stopped ridiculing me for being a dork to complain about my choice of roads. This time, though, they are 28 and 26 and they just keep on ridiculing me for being a dork. I'm driving up a twisty, wooded, incredibly hilly narrow road in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

We have all been able to get away for a few days over the holidays to visit Marsha's family.

We arrive at the Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast, where our hostess, Alicia, greets us. She is a happy person, and hers is a happy house.

This place is about 1/2 mile from the middle of nowhere, which suits me just fine.

We sleep in antique beds, warmed by Alicia's cats, in a house that was built in 1837. The land was given to a revoluntionary war soldier, and my guess is, this is the second house. The first was probably a log cabin.

"I thought you might like to see my ferret," Alicia announces one morning, ferret hugged to her shoulder. She likes animals. Bird feeders draw all kids of

songbirds and squirrels, which can't sing at all.

Our in the meadow being the house there is a pair of mules and a horse, which belong to the man who lives in the tepee in the next meadow over.

Hens roost in the henhouse, and we feast on fresh eggs and delicious fruit and breads, juices and coffees.

"My grandmother was a southern woman," says Alicia. "And, she always said, 'They's no such thang as coffee theyats too strong. Only mayen that's too weak.'"

Alicia tells us about a six week trip she took across the country on back roads on her motorcycle. She sings as she works in the kitchen, sometimes accompanying Bing Crosby on the little boom box she keeps with her.

The stairs to the second floor bedrooms are so steep and narrow, getting the suitcases up and down is a challenge. The old pine floor boards in our room are two feet wide. The house creaks.

We take a long walk up into the forested hills, following a logging trail. The views are spectacular, and the morning is cold and white. Lovely! Deer scamper across the road, and we can see a snow squall headed our way.

"Here, try some of this comb honey on your cornbread," says Alicia, handing me

a plate with a lump of brown bee's comb oozing honey. "It comes from wild bees. I was lucky last summer and came across a swarm. I used to be a bee keeper, so I knew that when bees are swarming, the don't sting much."

"How did you get the honey?" asks one of the kids.

"I got a cardboard box and just went out there and started scooping bees into the box with my hands. I got the queen, so I set them up in an old hive box I had around, and this is the honey they made."

One evening, we hosted Marsha's parents as well as her sister and her family for a Christmas celebration. We gathered in Alicia's parlors, next to her big tree, and opened presents. It was a warm and wonderful time.

"Let me know when you are all done showering!" she hollers up the stairs the next morning. "We have to refill the horse trough."

Next to the house stands a giant white oak tree. One brand is horizontal, and two rope-and-board swings hang from it, swaying in the winter breeze. A frozen pong is situated just beyond the tree.

We have to leave. Alicia's happy house has been home for a few days-creaky floors, wonderful meals, strong coffee, songs, mules, cats, hens, ferret, horse, deer, birds and all.




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136 Hunt Hill Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-539-1163, 607-229-8636, or 607-277-8888 for Reservations
email Alicia at Amazing Grace

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