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"LiveStock" Cowboy Jamboree

Horse Ride-Out and Music Fest
MAY 5th, 6th & 7th, 2006

at Amazing Grace Bed and Breakfast
136 Hunt Hill Road, Ithaca, New York (607) 277-8888

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Suggested Ticket Price $25.00/ Weekend or $10.00/Day ~ Kids free — Proceeds Benefit Tompkins County Chapter of the American Red Cross

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT: Red Cross (201 W. Clinton St.), Ithaca Guitar Works (Dewitt Mall, Seneca St.), Amazing Grace B&B or at the door.


A & E Corral with Jake Roberts

Big Porch String Band

Burke, Burke and Bone

Marie Burns and Friends

Regi Carpenter

Mark Crispell

Kelly Cullen


Joe Kuckla

Trevor MacDonald

Crow Marley

Sim Redmond and Friends


Linda Stout

Thousands of One

Urban Horse Thieves

Sherriff Jim Wilson

Patti Witten

~ Friday night, 7 pm ~

Friday night: If you're camping out here for the weekend, get here in plenty of time to set up camp and set up your mini-pen if you've brought the horses....cuz you won't want to miss out on our

Cowboy Sing-a-Long Campfire & Coffee

Join Hosts Alicia Dale & Eric Kincaid back in the Meadow for a Rousing Round of Round-Up tunes, some Hard-Core Cowboy Coffee & a Cozy Roast-Your-Rump Campfire. Bring your guitar, harmonica...or whatever-you-play & howl along with some Cowboy Favorites !! Bring a song or two of your own!

~ Saturday All Day ~

Horse-Ride Out & Music Fest

Join the campers at morning Chuck before a day of Cowboy Music, Cowboy Stories & some Cowboy Poetry, with all our Featured Artists.

  • Open Mike
  • 50 Minute trail rides ($25.00)
  • Bar-B-Q & other concession temptations
  • Cowpoke Crafts & Face-Painting all day for the Little Wranglers
  • Karaoke @ 3:00 & 6:00
  • Music into the night!

~ Sunday Mornin' Cowboy Church and Another Day at the Ranch ~

Yippee-Yi-Ti-Yay & Praise the Lord...You ain't never seen Church like this before...You wont want to miss it!! Lift yer voice & join us in singing some of the Great American Cowboy Spirituals & Gospel Favorites! Plus horse rides & music, all day long!



7:00 pm Sing-a-long Cowboy Favorites
with most of the weekend's performers
8:00 pm Marie Burns
9:00 pm Sherriff Jim Wilson

All Day

~ Petting Zoo and Facepainting
   for the little wranglers
~ Cowgirl Concessions

11:00 am Linda Stout
11:50 am Trevor MacDonald
12:40 pm Regi Carpenter
1:10 pm Open Mike and Red Cross/Relief
2:00 pm Crow Marley
3:00 pm Big Porch String Band
4:00 pm Patti Witten
5:00 pm Open Mike POETRY
5:30 pm Joe Kuckla
6:20 pm Eric Kincaid and Jake Roberts
7:15 pm Alicia Dale
8:15 pm Burke, Burke and Bone
9:15 pm


10:30 pm Sim Redmond and Friends
Late..... Acoustic music

9:15 am Sunday Morning Cowboy Church begins
10:00 am Cowboy Gospel Sing-a-long with Kelly Cullen and Friends
11:30 am Word with Chuck Tompkins
12 pm Gospel Sing-a-long
12:30 pm Regi Carpenter
1:00 pm Sherriff Jim Wilson
2:30 pm Thousands of One
4:00 pm Urban Horse Thieves

Red Cross Benefit

Dear New and Old Friends...       

Thanks you for checking out our site....and I really hope you can make it out for the Jamboree !  I think we're all going to have a lot of fun, and we will be supporting the good work of our amazing local chapter of the American Red Cross, of which I am now a member.  I actually joined Red Cross while on a motorcycle trip, and happened to be visiting some dear Friends down in  West Virginia, when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. I was way back in the mountains, with only radio reports of the Storm...the news was absolutely surreal...It took two days and one Song to make it real enough to leave my Bike and Almost Heaven and become an official member of the Greenbriar, West Virginia Chapter of the American Red Cross...They trained me and flew me to Houston two days later, to work Mass Care/Mental Health at the Astrodome and Reliant Center, primarily with the residence of the 9th Ward. There are no words that can come close to discribing what that was like....But I can tell you this ...I never felt more like an Angel then I did while working there.

Since then, I have been to New Orleans twice, working with other relief efforts.  Two weeks ago my daughter, Jessica and I worked with the Common Ground Relief in the 9th Ward, where there is still no electricity.  The levees are still precarious, and in ways, I had to question the good sense of helping restore an area so likely to be devastated, yet again.  But I had the revelation that, just like in was RELATIONSHIPS that were being restored.... what I was actually doing, was restoring HOPE, TRUST and LOVE into the people I worked with, and they, in turn, inspired me so many, many ways.

 As you are all aware many individuals, churches and various Service Organizations contributed to the relief effort, and continue to contribute, to the rebuilding of the still incredably crippled Gulf Coast.  All of these folks deserve our respect and deep appreciation. Each and every effort was invaluable...BUT no one was there like Red Cross.  They were the first responders serving hundreds of thousands of devastated people, feeding, cleaning , clothing and housing THEM ALL...Their work can not be over-valued.       

As many of you know, I had my own disaster three years ago....and I know the healing power of Love.  Today, thanks to so many of you, I am recovered ...and actually, better than before!  This was a valuable experience I was able to put to good use in Texas and New Orleans.  Prayers, Love, Touch, Food, Music, ....All that we give to one another Thought...and in Deed....from our hearts, with the Talent God has Blessed us with......This is the TRUE MEDICINE so needed on our Planet Today.

"My yoke is easy and my burden Light".  May these words Christ spoke never be more true as we all put our hand to the plow here at the LiveStock Jamboreee... May 5th, 6th and 7th ..having a totally fabulous time while supporting our Tompkins County Chapter of American Red Cross...Sheltering the Homeless, and responding tirelessly to the needs of those who have experienced crisis or disaster.  Our Chapter happens to be an exceptional one, and I urge you to explore our website at

Thanks to all our musicians and performers, whose names appear on the Posters, for their willingness to come on out and do what they do best!  ..and to all our helpers and financial supporters....and all the fabulous folks who have voluteered their time and talent to make this Event successful. Their names do not appear on the poster, but they appear in my heart every day.   Thanks to all who will attend and enjoy our Jamboree....and the kids, the horses and I all thank you for leaving the drugs and alcohol behind...Ain't nothin' like the Real Thing, anyway... So, come and get it!

Then, find out what it's like to be an Angel....  Continue to Support and Join the American Red Cross.


Tompkins County Chapter of the American Red Cross:
Common Ground Relief: